My Family

It’s hard to describe in words just exactly how much my family and friends mean to me. I’ve always been what you might call a ‘home-girl’, in that I’ve never strayed far from my roots. That’s not because I have let CF hold me back (I have actually left Hampshire!) I’m just the sort of person that is really happy spending time with my family and friends. Probably why I travelled the vast distance of 14 miles to attend university! 

During the last few years, since needing more help due to my deteriorating health and particularly in the last two and a bit years (the time I’ve been officially ‘waiting’) the importance of the presence of my family and friends has really been heightened in my life. I am in awe of the amount that people do for me and although I feel like a burden, they don’t make me feel like one – that comes from my own head! 

On this page I thought I’d put in some photos of some special people so that you readers would be able to put a face to the very important names that get mentioned in my blog.

Our newest addition, as of June 2012;Azlan the Lionhead bunny!

Family BBQ with Gran, Luke, Mum and Dad
                                                               Dad - looking almost regal!

My beautiful husband and Oscar the cat

 He does so love the camera!
                                    Dad and I looking rather windswept at Southsea

My gorgeous Mum!
 This is the view down over my mum and dad's house which I always used to stop and look down over when I went jogging. Hoping and praying I'll be able to do that again in the near future.
 My 'little' brother and I (at my graduation - 5 years ago!). He's a real star, often doing my physiotherapy with me as well as keeping me entertained playing Call of Duty online!
                                                               We are a bit mad together!

Of course there are many more photos to come... these are merely a taster! (Just have to consult luke's family as I don't want to put photos up here without permissions first!!!!)

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