Tuesday, 17 July 2012

Day trip to London?

Just a quick entry this morning to let my lovely blog followers know that I'm off for a hospital appointment today... I've been having so many issues with my TOBI (tobramycin) nebuliser.

I've mentioned many a time before that whilst the various bugs that grow in my chest are really sensitive this drug, meaning they quiver at the sight of it... However, it has many negative side effects, including ototoxicity (hearing damage) and nephrotoxicity (kidney damage). As no other inhaled antibiotics seem to work anymore I have been taking TOBI full time for several months now. (It's usual administration is one month on TOBI, alternating it with another inhaled antibiotic). Now, unfortunately the drug seems to be building up in my system and in my last blood test, the level of it was too high for my doctor's liking. The last thing they want to see is for me to sustain kidney damage as this could potentially mean problems for my fitness for transplant.

I'm really hoping that the doctors will have some sort of solution up their sleeves for this today... It just makes me feel even more desperate for a transplant as treatment options to maintain my stability are becoming more limited.

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