Friday, 20 April 2012

My Wonderful Man

A very quick blog entry, but one I really wanted to share! 

My gorgeous and very intelligent husband officially submitted his D.Phil Thesis for examination yesterday! This is cause for much celebration as a certain someone (me?!) has made his road to completing his D.Phil very long winded! Due to several long stints in hospital over the last few years Luke has had to apply for extensions to his deadline and has spent countless days hunched over his laptop at my bedside. Notwithstanding the opportunities he has missed during the course of his D.Phil, having to forgo conferences in sunnier climes, opportunities to present his work at various functions, as well as the time constraints that being one of my carers has put on the amount of time he could physically spend in the laboratory. Through all of this he has NEVER complained. He is a truly amazing man and an incredible husband. 

We have been so very blessed by the people that Luke works with and for – they have been so supportive and understanding of our situation and one has to wonder whether Luke would be in the position he is in today without them. 

He still has to be examined on his thesis, but I believe that if he can overcome the obstacles he has to get his research written up and submitted; I am in no doubt that he will do well in his viva voce – the oral examination of his thesis! Then we will be Dr and Mrs. Yates!!

I also cried yesterday when I read Luke's thesis dedication page. I hope he doesn't mind me sharing this but he wrote; 'This thesis is dedicated to my wife Samantha the most courageous person I know; and to God; because we are "fearfully and wonderfully made; your works are wonderful, I know that full well' (Psalm 139:14).' I felt honoured to be mentioned in such an amazing piece of work and can't believe that he would dedicate it to me, considering what a mission I made completing it for him!!!

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  1. Sam, you are right, you have a wonderful husband who very obviously loves you greatly and you are blessed to have such a wonderful man. He showed me his thesis this morning and I read his dedication page and would reiterate what he wrote - you are a truly courageous woman. Between you, you are an amazing couple!