Wednesday, 13 June 2012

My Best Friend's Wedding!

Over a year ago now, my best friend of 20+ years approached me and asked me if I would do her the honour of being maid of honour at her wedding to her then fiancĂ©e, Ed, this June. I of course agreed, as she was mine back in 2007 and I was so honoured to be able/alive to return the favour! Having been on the transplant waiting list for almost a year when Beth asked me, I was naively hopeful that I would have received my transplant by the time the big day came around! Well... things didn’t exactly turn out that way! Two false alarms occurred, but not a lot else! As the wedding crept nearer and nearer I began wishing for something that I never thought I would wish for... That Harefield WOULDN’T call! Please don’t think of me as stupid or worse still, ungrateful  - I would of course have trundled up to Harefield had I received a call, but when there is something so exciting and un-CF or hospital related to look forward to, it really makes a change! (Also, there would have been the possibility of the call being another false alarm which would have just added insult to injury!) 

Luke and I were very fortunate to be given access to free (and incredibly sumptuous, might I add!!) bed and breakfast accommodation within the farm on which Ed works and the wedding reception took place. I cannot begin to express my gratitude towards how accommodating people were to ensure that I could take part in Beth and Ed’s day. It goes without saying that I was nervous as to how I would ‘cope’ physically with the day but it transpires that I need not have worried! Aside from the fact that I was pretty well (by my standards) Beth and Ed’s family, as well as Luke and Kate (Beth’s other bridesmaid), did more than enough to make sure that all I had to do was be there for Beth, walk down the aisle and enjoy the day! Even with an oxygen canister in one hand I was able to do my maid of honour duties (the removal of the veil and being responsible for the bridal bouquet!)
Wedding Oxygen!

The bridesmaids and the bride!

The gorgeous happy couple!

Whilst my CF obviously limited my ability to boogie the night away on the dance floor and party into the small hours, the huge amount of support and loving care I received from my friends meant that I still managed to participate fully in Beth and Ed’s day. I was worried that all of my extra demands, such as machinery and needing a bit of an extra helping hand would somehow ruin the occasion (stupid, I know!!) However, that didn’t happen in the slightest, the wedding and the reception were beautiful, with a real atmosphere of love and happiness. I am completely thrilled for the new Mr and Mrs Bagshaw, everyone had an amazing day and although I was pretty wiped out for the next two days, I would do it all again in a heartbeat! Thank you Beth and Ed for including me in your special day!

I did it! 


  1. You looked so gorgeous glad you had a wonderful day you are a star Sam ! Must get Debs to bring me to see you soon,love Chris xxxxxx

  2. I'm glad you had such a fab day! You and the rest of the bridesmaids looked gorgeous, as did the bride of course! You got to wear such beautiful dresses xxx