Tuesday, 29 May 2012

An English Country Garden

After spending a wonderfully blissful weekend out in the garden, I thought I should post a few garden photos on my blog! Whilst it was very frustrating to not be able to help Luke out with much, I surprised myself with how much I could actually do... a bit of plant potting and some light weeding. It must have been the sunshine... It always brings out the best in me! 

The 'medow' before Luke set the mower onto it...
Nice grass, now to weed the wall border
Done! Except for a bit in the middle which was hiding a cute mouse and her pups!

Gardener Lukey... Handy with a pair of shears...

Needless to say, Luke was well and truly exhausted by the experience. The grass alone took 4 hours to cut as it had become so long! So the next day was spent planting our hanging baskets and relaxing with my family!

Mum, Auntie Pauline and Me - All sun worshippers!

Luke, Uncle Colin and Dad - Shade worshippers?? ;)

Ian, sporting a familiar hat...

I know this post may seem a bit short, sweet and somewhat random, but I have had such a lovely weekend and barely thought about my CF, transplant or any other such stuff so deemed it fit to blog about the small things that make life much more bearable!

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  1. Your garden looks awesome! Hats off to Gardener Lukey!